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Visiting Spain's national parks and other nature Landscapes in Spain A journey through Spain is like travelling through 5 contintents. Unbelievable beautiful countryside as diverse as you can imagine. Nature And Landscapes In Spain With almost 8000km of coast line, from the rugged cliffs and tiny fishing villages of the Pais Vasco, Cantabria y Asturias, to the Firths of Galicia and the Death Coast with kilometres of beaches, a must to see at sunset, to the sun kissed, windswept, beaches of Tarifa, just as the Atlantic enters in the Straits of Gibraltar in Southern Spain, windsurfers heaven, to the coves and crystal waters of the Mediterranean coast line, where Spains diving is at its best. Heading inland Spain is the 2nd most mountainous country in Europe, and its Sierra and rugged ranges are home to breathtaking scenery, flora and fauna. The Picos de Europa in the North with its glacial lakes, the Sierra Nevada in the South where you can go sking in the morning then spend the afternoon on the beach. The meseta, Spains tableland, the Tabernas Desert, film set of hundreds of movies…

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