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008 As you travel through Spain one can visit monuments and art dating back thousands of years. From primitive cave paintings in the area of Altamira to 15,000 year old Dolmens, ancient burial chambers. Since then, as the centuries progressed the land which is now Spain was a coveted prize for those from further afield.
The Greeks and the Pheonicians, the Romans, Visigoths and lastly the Muslims all came, saw, and conquered, leaving in their wake an immense patrimony of art and architectural gems of incalculable value. Naturally moving on to the period of the Christian reconquist, Cathedrals, castles, convents. A new era, and here we find one of Spains most famous writers, Miguel de Cervantes, artists such as Velazquez, moving on to Goya, closer to the present day, Picasso, Dali y Miró. With regards its architects special mention to Antonio Gaudi as a major influence in the area of Barcelona during the 19th century. Not forgetting the present day and Santiago Calatrava.  As one travels through Spain its easy to see how Spains past has inspired its future, and, thankfully, there is no end in sight.

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