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Incredible Journeys Spain S.L. is the result of over 30 years dedicated to the customer service, public relations, human resources, gastronomic and travel industries, both in Spain and the United Kingdom. A wealth of knowledge which is projected through professional, positive and dynamic services and successful results.

Destinations in Andalucía:

  • Andalucía, Spain, Granada, Seville, Malaga (Credit: Luis Davilla/Getty)

    Reader Q&A: An Andalucía road trip

    BBC Travel reader Sumayya Seedat plans to tour Seville, Granada and Málaga with her three kids in October and is looking for tips. Our Facebook community offered their advice.

  • Seville, Andalusia, Spain, Metropol Parasol, city, architecture (Credit: Ramon Ruti/Getty)

    Mini guide to culture in Seville

    Its mixed architecture and celebrated flamenco make Andalucía’s largest city one of passion, history and irresistible charm.

  • Statue of Christopher Colombus, the Catedral Primada de America, Santo Domingo (Credit: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty)

    The mystery of Columbus’s legacy

    Columbus’s personal timeline has been so enigmatic that both Seville, Spain and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic lay claim to the explorer’s remains.

  • Seville flamenco Spain (Credit: Chris van Hove)

    Seville’s legendary flamenco scene

    With Unesco recently listing flamenco as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, here are some of the best places to see the precious art in the land of its genesis.

  • Hospital de la Caridad Seville Spain (Credit: Krzysztof Dydynski/Getty)

    A second chance for Sevillian art

    The acquisition of an early work by Diego Velázquez has helped rekindle interest in a city that has long played second fiddle to Madrid and Barcelona in the artistic pecking order.

  • Seville's Espacio Metropol Parasols resembles a series of mushrooms (Credit: Shaney Hudson)

    Seville's threatened heritage

    From Roman ruins to Moorish minarets, the Spanish city offers visitors an incredible mix of architectural statements shaped by more than 1,300 years of history – for now.

  • Bodega Santa Cruz, Seville, Spain (Credit: Ingrid Firmhofer/Getty)

    The art of eating in Seville

    Food in the Andalucían city is not just about what you eat – it is about how, when and where you eat it too.

  • The new Seville is a cleaner, greener and more breathable city. (Diana Mayfield/LPI) (Credit: Diana Mayfield/LPI)

    Seville goes green

    In just five years this forward-thinking Spanish city has instituted a bike-sharing scheme, electric car and tram programmes, a metro system and the first solar power plant in Europe.

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