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Our heritage tours not only include a Flamenco show but also a Flamenco dance lesson and for those with gastronomy in mind as well as visiting some of Spains incredible food markets and tasting regional delights we give you the opportunity to become chefs and try your hand at cooking some of Spains most traditional dishes. The list of services that we offer is almost endless as all of our tours are tailor made to suit each group, to name a few…
  • Full tour planning and preparation with each group.
  • Special pre tour guidance for our Religious/Spiritual Pilgrim Groups.
  • Full co-operation with all schools and school boards.
  • All ground services in Spain, Portugal and France. Hotels, transport, guided tours, entrance tickets, restaurants…. this is the almost endless list!
  • The possibilty of a member of our team travelling with your group as your tour director. This is especially important for complicated, special interest tours. For you to be able to enjoy and make the most of your journey you need to go with someone who knows where they are going. We like to make it stressless for the group leader.
  Student Travel Spain

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